Tuesday, January 09, 2007

William Wayne

While paging through the new Vanity Fair (Brad=Yawn, come on find some new celebrities, I can almost hear all the women disagreeing with me.) I came across William Wayne. The Egawari bowls were the feature in the Fair but upon closer inspection I discovered a few gems on their site. For example the tall mirror and woven tray featured above. Yes, the mirror was probably created for Goofy, the guy from Nightmare before Christmas or Nicole Richie, but I think it would look great in any entrance hall or sitting room. The tray is great because Im an avid Rooibos Tea fan so any tray is great! You know you could turn that mirror on its side and use it as a long make up mirror by your front door...


Blogger Anna said...

I love this wicker tray, actually I love alot of things on William Wayne's website!


12:12 PM  

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