Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Poke loves you

It seems that Fashion Week has consumed many a blogger and i thought I would jump on the band wagon and do a little post of my own on fashion. This label is not on the catwalks or a major label seen in Vogue. Poke Loves You is a label created by Renae Harris. The range titled I Heart The Butcher is about love and obsession according to Renae. Cute shorts, blouses and dresses make up the rock-inspired collection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have purchased some poke wear recently, an it is nothing but gorgeous... lovely fit, looks spunky and purchasing off a brisbane designer who's clothes are sweatshop free is a FANTASTIC BONUS!!

i would recommend renae's work to anyone!!
i believe you can purchase some of her cute designs in the valley at a store called honor lulu!!!
well worth it!!!

4:15 AM  
Blogger Spray Glue said...

Thanks for the comment! I love her work, and there is something about that girl with the tattoo on her leg and cleaver that just makes it all too sexy, haha!


1:45 PM  

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