Friday, April 27, 2007

What is vintage?

OK this was a weird concept I was thinking about last night...don't ask...OK, so as technology evolves faster and faster and new products come out quicker and quicker, what happens to older products that are discarded as "so last year" and never used again? Do these products age quicker because technology is speeding up? Then do they become vintage objects quicker?...Does that mean my iPod mini is vintage and could come back into the realm of "trendiness" like the Sony Walkman did? Maybe the number of years before a product is classified as vintage should be re looked at...just a thought.


Blogger LauraB said...

This is too funny, I was just making fun of a friend of mine who still uses his original iPod, the thing looks decades old! (only from 2001) Maybe for electronics "vintage" will speed up making something from 5-6 years ago seem old, but I think clothing and furniture will still have 20-30 yrs of breathing room before it's vintage and starts to become cool again.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Spray Glue said...

I know, I agree with what you saying about fashion, I have a few older pieces that will never age. I think electronics are just produced too fast...what was wrong with stopping at the iPod mini...oh yeah it didnt have a 2 inch video screen...duh!


9:35 PM  

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