Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Im with Stupid

Jeremy Fish landed in San Francisco in 1994 with two objectives: bombing hills and going to art school. There he developed his unique style using a combination of characters and simple symbols used to tell stories in his preferred medium of pen and paper. Since then, Fish has gone on to create works that he has shown extensively in spaces around the world, have been reproduced in the pages of countless magazines and appeared on skate decks, clothing and accessories. He was an Art Director for Think Skateboards, had the notorious Big Stupid series of illustrations run in SLAP magazine for several years, and is co-owner and art director of The Unbelievers skateboard brand. From the salty to the surreal, the irreverent to the outlandish and back to the just plain weird, I'm With Stupid provides a great overview of the striking and inspired work of the prodigious Jeremy Fish. And he thinks people still don't really care. Right.


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