Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It seems these cameras have taken the world by storm, even if they deliver ones with broken shutters (personal experience). But I still fall in love with the cameras themselves and the saturated moody photographs they take. Lomography.


Blogger natalie. said...

i have so many variations of lomo cameras it's actually become a little ridiculous - but i agree, they do tend to be more broken then functioning...yet how can you resist a lomo photo?

have you seen the polaroid backing for the lomo medium format camera? it's called a holgaroid and is my favorite camera to date...

12:21 AM  
Blogger dangermouse said...

I just got one a while ago, it looks like a cheap toy. I haven't been able to take good shots w it yet most of em come out black/blurry/weak. Does it take a lot of practice or is my camera being weird? Advise?!

9:51 AM  

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