Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dietmar Busse

I was doing my daily site check ins when I came across Theme magazine which had inside hidden treasures for my eyes to behold...Don't worry that last sentence confused me too...One of these treasures is Dietmar Busse a photographer which had me transfixed by these beautiful images. Be sure to check out Theme. One of the requirements of my job is that I seek out and buy tons of magazines for our magazine library. We use these all the time for trendforecasting and for me turning the glossy pages of magazines seeking trends is just about as good as it gets. That's when I have time though, between design and playing cricket etc etc. So you could say I'm a bit of a magazine fiend.


Anonymous Miss. Squirrel said...

Just keep sending the links my way! I just love all the sites you have directed me too - fantastic fashion, art, and well everything your eyes can feast upon.

have I said Thank you yet?!

- from secret agent!

3:26 AM  
Blogger LisaJay said...

wow, that sounds like the ultimate fun job!

6:41 AM  

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