Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I got tagged...again!

What is the world coming to when people just go round tagging each other at will. We really need to look at our lives and decide if what we are doing is right and true to ourselves for the greater dramatic of me! I have to give 5 reasons why I blog? Here goes...

1) Hi everyone, my name is Gary and Im addicted to blogging. "Hi Gary"

2) I love connecting with people from across the globe and reading their blogs and comments they leave.

3) No one else would listen to my ramblings.

4) They stopped screening Robotech when I was 12 and ever since then I have been bored out of my skull and desire more and more to hold my attention span, which is about 10 seconds.

5) I have ADHD and need attention. haha!

There you go.


Blogger LisaJay said...

You have ADHD too? Cool! I don't have the "H" part, just ADD. Doesn't it make life an adventure! If only I could keep a job. . . :)

Thanks for playing!


3:59 PM  

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