Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh it's...Nothing

Taken from the Nothing Magazine Website

What is Nothing Magazine? is a new online / email magazine that is sent in HTML format to the inboxes of hundreds of creative people all over the world every month.

Where are you based?
Nothing is created in Melbourne, Australia. At present our contributors are mainly from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

What do you aim for with your content?
Nothing aims to cover a broad range of contemporary creative disciplines. Every month we will feature an illustrator, graphic designer, artist, fashion designer, film-maker, writer, photographer, and sometimes just random stuff– hence the feature in issue #1 on transsexual Amanda Lepore.

We try hard to have a mix of all skills and ages, people that have been in the game for a long time, and others that are still struggling on the dole trying to make it. We do have a slight Australasian flavour, but feel it's important to sample the fruits of a variety of countries.

It could be said that the content is a bit strange, odd, and ecclectic. If it's in-your-face it's good. If it makes you squirm a bit, even better. We're not ashamed to jump on the band wagon if something is cool for the sake of being cool. Everyone wants to be cool. And we're not afraid to profile the geeky loser who is making weird shit in his garage, because being weird and geeky is good.

But overall we aim to introduce like-minded people to aesthetic culture they may have never seen, had it not been for the arrival of Nothing Magazine in their eMail.

Can I submit stuff to you?
Yes, of course. Send us a press release, or a bio, or a link to your site– or whatever! Of course if it doesn't fit with our style we won't publish it! ...don't take it personally.

Can I write for Nothing?
You sure can. Submit ideas or stories to the editor at and we'll let you know if we want it. As a hint, but not a rule, we prefer if you can source strong visual support material, and a website. We prefer photography and contemporary visual art. With music we prefer electro, rock, or acoustic: often with an arty edge.

Can I advertise in Nothing?
Even though we do not actively seek advertising, you could be the first. Contact us to discuss this.


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