Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Brasilia Architecture

"Brasilia was built to be Brazil's new capital city. The idea was to transfer the federal capital of Brazil from the coast to the midwestern interior of the country. Brazil had two capital cities before that: Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia. By transferring the capital city to the interior, the government intended to help populate that area of the country. People from all over the country were hired to build the city, especially those from the Northeast region of Brazil. Brasilia is known, internationally, for having applied the principles established in the Athens Charter of 1933." - Wikipedia. I have to go there one day!



Blogger Atelie Literario said...

oh boy!
It´s so nice to read nice things about my city! =]
I hope you have the chance to see it all for your self! I'm crazy about everything around here!!!
Hope to see you around soom!!!

5:17 AM  
Blogger Ana Claudia Cavalcanti said...

Brasília é linda mesmo. Apesar de ser suspeita para falar, afinal nasci aqui. Inclusive no meu Blog www.tudoedimais.blogspot.com vc vai ver uma foto minha bebê com minha vó na construção da catedral.
apareça por aqui

2:59 PM  

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