Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Space

The Space, established in 1999, is a collection of stores located in the major cities of Southern Africa. From the Mother City (Cape Town) to Durbz (Durban) and Jozi (Johannesburg). The Space houses some of the most creative fashion designers in South Africa and a sprinkling of weird and wonderful homeware. Each store is uniquely designed to suit the location and city. Some of the designers housed in The Space include Amanda Laird Cherry and Colleen Eitzen.


Anonymous Michelle said...

Hey...I know you - well at least this is weird - i used to - i am currently in South Korea - teaching English at a language academy. Its Michelle, ShellyInTheCity, looks like you are doing well - thats nice to see - i am looking for info on The Space fashion store - sending my dad there - but looking for their branches in Gauteng - my dad's flying to Germany and I want to organise a gift for a friend, of mine, he's seeing while he is there - well take care!
Michelle ;-)

5:41 PM  

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