Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Soviet Block

For some reason Soviet achitecture is so beautiful to me. I think there is this romantic notion of once great empires that collapse and leave traces of their existence spread across their territories. These Soviet bus shelters are great. via SwissMiss.

I love this one above and its weirdly angled roof.


Photographer and image maker Natasha Cantwell started shooting from the age of 10 and has never set her camera down since then. Her aptly named Geek with Accessories series is all about socially awkward people. She is originally from New Zealand and has been featured in a number of magazines including the much missed Face.

I dig her hat! For some reason I think of Kamikaze Geek when I look at this photo. I would love it framed.

Jen Corace

I have always loved Jen Coraces work but have never posted her on my blog. So I thought it was about time I did something about that and stuck her up for all you good folk to see. Enjoy!

I love this one, how the water is illustrated is fantastic!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alannah Hill

If you want to see how a great site has been thought through and created Alannah Hills site is a must! Her Summer 2007 range is a feast for the eyes as she brings back frock inspired fashion that oozes love, sex and glamour. All too pretty! Be sure to look at her fashion week photos and video.

Subversive Stitch

Well these made me laugh a lot. I love the decorative ornate frames contrasted to the fowl language that has been cross stitched inside. I obviously left the more crude ones off because we have to think of the children of course. I think these would be great presents if you are a secret santa or in need of buying a gift for someone with a sense of humour. Get them here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Polaroid no.5

Im not entirely happy with the way this shot came out but I thought I would post the good, the bad and the ugly to show that not every shot is always a decent shot.

You can decide for yourself on this one. Does anyone know why I get those weird marks on either side of the shot?

Scooter Shoes

Why post womans shoes? Well here are my reasons.

1) I have a shoe fetish...guys shoes of course!

2) Scooter has a great site

3) Great shoes complete a great outfit.

There you go, that's why. Scooter Shoes from Australia has some awesome ladies shoe that can be viewed from their FUNctional website. Go check them out!

Angelique Houtkamp

The Outre Gallery is a collection of artists showcasing their work. The artists include Mike Giant and Angelique Houtkamp who create illustrations in a tattoo inking style. Featured above are works by Angelique, I love the early 20th century girls with their black wavy hair.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Polaroid no.4

Ok so I am going Polaroid crazy and clicking away like there is no tomorrow...and the film is pricy in our southern tip of the African continent...oh well what can I do?!

This is the sun that beams through my office window every morning.

Loredana Sperini

An artist I found while paging through a 2006 issue of Wallpaper Magazine, Loredana Sperini really took my breath away with her moody wax reliefs on wood and paper. I really do love her work, especially the subtle tones used in her Sara, Delia & Eva featured above on the left.

The Armchair

This chair has got, "Sit down with a good book and read it till the end", written all over it . The lamp itself Im not that fond of but the concept behind it I think could be really strong. Great idea from Marina Bautier.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fokus Fabrik

Fokus Fabrik from Finland is wonderful. The patterns in their collections are amazing.

These fabriks would look in a little boys room I think. Great prints!


The Coffice chair by Bene is not really that attractive and I can see many designers turning their noses up at it . I like it because, although keeping all TV limited to the minimal amount of viewing, I do like watching the odd DVD. I always see and hear things that I think I should remember and jot down. Well, now I can! Get my note book out, awesome smooth pen and I am set to write as I watch. I assume it would be great for conferences or long boardroom meetings, where a table is not required.

Polaroid no.3

Ok so I am posting another Polaroid picture. I got my first comment on my last photo. Thanks very much! So I decided to put up another one, this one is of an old Foosball table. I don't really like it much but I thought maybe someone else would. It's deifinately not all about me.

I like the thought of the little men not having played and sitting in the sun dying for a game.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Polaroid no.2

We are in the middle of cricket season here in SA and Pakistan is busy touring. On saturdays I play for a club called Forest Hills and some of the cricket grounds we go to are purely amazing. Some out in the sticks and others that are perfection. I snapped this polaroid before a game last saturday, which we won, and just loved this isolated broken swing. So I had to snap it.

That is my car in the left of the picture. I love the colour in this pic.


I absolutely love these recycled skateboard bags. They almost seem to tell a story and have a little history because of the scuffing. And when you buy the bag you start your own unique story with it. I love it! From Beck(y) via haute*nature who has a new look and feel on her blog.

Designer Footwear

Designers are usually tagged with having great taste, well most of them. I can think of a few that really need an extreme designer make over. Designer Footwear had a great little idea to collect photos from around the globe of designers choice of footwear. Like all designers I bet you are already scamping ideas for your photos layout...I did. via core77

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nicolas Bovesse

Table Pour Dames is a creation by Nicolas Bovesse. The table has a smooth checkered top of walnut and maple squares but the under side of the table is where it gets interesting. Nicolas has used a computer generated landscape that randomly creates the depth of each square of wood. Thus making each table unique. The uneven timber creates a great visual effect letting the ordinary table become a little playful.


The Cibola pendant light caught my eye as soon as I saw it. It reminded me of shells washed up on the beach at my grandparents place in Kidds Beach. The lights are constructed from bone china which and have carved concentric rings that create a graceful pattern. Sculptural during the day and functional and pretty at night, what more could you want?

Monday, January 22, 2007

77 Chair

What an awesome chair! I love the colour and the shape. It was designed by Kevin McElroy. Please go and check out his portfolio. via Core77

Bob's your uncle!

Ok they all come from the same place as the Luggage tags. Sticky page markers, Road sign placemats and the awesome dog days perpetual calendar. Bob's the best uncle ever!


I love the word shlep. I could say it all day, shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep shlep...Ok now I hate it. Seriously now, check out these inventive luggage tags with place inside for your address and details. Adds a little spice to your check in at the airport....check in. Oh man its monday isn't it?...get them here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I got tagged!

I got tagged! Ok so you have to tell the world six weird things about yourself and then tag six others...But im so normal, WHATEVER! Here they are.

1) I have a secret obsession with Steve McQueen.

2) Im afraid of flying.

3) Im scared of being alone when I die.

4) I sometimes don't pick up the phone because I'm scared I will say something stupid.

5) I wish I could speak to my father without planning the conversation in my head first.

6) I wore the same cap everyday until I was 8...I still have the cap.

I tagged Haute*Nature, LifeFever, Heather Moore, Jessica Gonacha, Eclective Detective and Bloesem blogs.

Stefan Ruiz

I love the expressions on the faces that Stefan Ruiz has collected in his book named People. If you can get your hands on a copy, please do so. It is extraordinary. $31.50 here.

Wrap it with love.

In the search to create the perfect cultural souvenirs, s-wert design looks to Berlins architectural landmarks to tell their story of how it is changing. I kinda like these wrapping paper designs and have a soft spot for the lamps as well. Very German and industrial.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A cut above the rest.

Le Train Bleu has some very beautiful coat designs. They are great, I love the cuts and the choice of fabrics is incredible. If that's not enough, the photography just compliments the coats. Perfect!

Paul Edmunds

Through blogging I have met some truly wondeful and inspiring people that have been more than friendly and welcoming to me. Heather Moore is one of these people who I mail every now and again and I love getting mails in reply to my many blog/design questions. I recently found out what an amazing artist her husband is and I thought it would only be appropriate of me to post his work. Paul Edmunds creates unconventional pieces on the cusp between abstraction and representation. After timely processes of creation his pieces really speak for themselves. Thanks Heather! I mean look at the piece named Sieve, amazing!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Net-A-Porter is for the all the fashion enthusiasts out there. It is packed with gems that every woman would want to get their hands on. For me, well there wasn't much really except this Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, which I thought was a great look for the summer/autumn in South Africa.

Tracey Ross

I found this personal library kit under the mens gifts on the Tracey Ross site. I thought it was quite a novel idea, although I didn't really know how it is used. Do people start their own libraries as hobbies? Strange. This site is mostly dedicatd to ladies clothing and fashion items.